“12” NACIRA 69

Year: 2019

Two expert Owners and the idea of a modern and very fast 69 'cruising boat, a hull to sail in the oceans without losing the possibility of still being close to the coast and in small coves with shallow waters. This is the “basic recipe” that led to the birth of “12” involving Axel de Beaufort, Guillaume Verdier and Hervé Penfornis for the design, the Vismara Marine-Rega Yachts Shipyard for the construction and Trimarine for the coordination and supervision. The hull shape of "12" exploits the experiences accumulated by Team Verdier in the design of the IMOCA 60 and 100' "Comanche" while the innovative canting-lifting keel - at the "heart" of the project - designed in collaboration with the Cariboni company guarantees very high performance thanks to the canting system with a rotation axis inclined by 5 °; at the same time, thanks to the lifting system, it satisfies the Owners' requests, going from 4.3 m of draft while sailing, to 2.5 m when at anchor or in port. The deck and the interiors - personally supervised by Axel de Beaufort - are definitely "outside the box", but respond to the needs of a boat to be used by the family for long-term fast cruises. The sail plan similar to that of the IMOCA 60, with a canted aft mast and with three jibs rigged on furling stays, guarantees ease of maneuver even with a small crew, as well as the large aft dinette, with an open view of the gigantic cockpit, allows those who are in the saloon to stay in touch with those in the cockpit and enjoy the sea from almost the same level. The carbon prepreg construction with Corecell cores for the hull and Nomex honeycomb for the deck and internal furnishings, has allowed for a cruise boat design with a decidedly light displacement, but the great attention given at all times to weight control was the fundamental element in order not to exceed the project values. Trimarine was involved by the Owners in the project of the Nacira 69 “12” from the very beginning, collaborating actively with them and then working together with the team involved in the design, construction, fitting and testing.

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