JEC 2010 Marine Forum

The method is an adaptation inspired by wood strip planking and other techniques applied to the construction of composite rolex replica watches yachts.
Developed primarily for 60' to 80' LOA round bilge vessels it can also be used in larger projects. Significant calendar time is saved by removing the need for a hull plug or deck mould and it utilises less yard floor space by using a symmetrical split hull/deck frame configuration. It has been used with wet layup and wet-preg and with resin infusion successfully.
Requiring only a small work force it is ideal for one-off projects or when testing the market with a new design as it requires less initial mould investment.
Revisiting such techniques may be economically interesting at a time when small yards are being pressured by the economic downturn.

The paper will be presented at the JEC 2010 Marine Forum on the 15th April 2010 replica watches